Deks Under Pressure

We love seeing photos of our products in action, the more unusual the better! Here’s a 4”Selkirk Insta-lock gas vent fitted as part of the exhaust system on a specialist Dirt Driver Mini Van Pack pressure washer, with thanks to Rachel at Dirt Driver for sending it to us.

Dirt Driver is a British company that specialises in manufacturing Europe’s most extensive range of industrial steam cleaners and cold water washers with varying outputs and pressures. Deks also supplies them with twin wall chimney for their standard machines.

Rachel told us this van mounted petrol or diesel powered model is specially designed for mobile applications where there may not be any electricity on site. The gas vent takes exhaust fumes out of the vehicle through an open rear door or chimney fitted in the roof of the vehicle.

Said Rachel: “We’re very happy with the products we buy from Deks and the service they give us is fabulous.”