Lead Replacement Material

Perform lead replacement material is one of our fastest growing product ranges. BBA Certificated and NHBC approved. It is a UV resistant composite consisting of aluminium mesh embedded in a special type of polymer rubber.

Incidents of lead theft from public sector buildings and church roofs are running at unprecedented levels due to the high scrap value of lead, but by replacing lead with Perform thieves will have a fruitless repeat visit. But there’s lots of other good reasons to ditch traditional lead flashing. Perform is much lighter, completely safe to handle and is easily cut and dress.
It comes in 4m rolls and doesn’t need expansion joints. Available from stock
in three different colours: grey, black and terracotta with brown as a special
order, Perform is ideal for domestic or commercial installations. It comes in
5 different widths from 150mm up to 1250mm for maximum versatility and
minimum wastage.

Fast Flash is a self adhesive lead replacement material that has many uses
beyond replacement for traditional lead. Fast Flash can be used to flash large
round or square penetrations that a Dektite cannot cover - with its self adhesive
backing you'll have a water tight penetration in minutes! Check out our installation 
video here to see how easy it is.

KwikFlash is a self adhesive flexible lead alternative, KwikFlash is perfect to use where lead is currently being used, or penetrations which a Dektite cannot cater for. KwikFlash is manufactured to high standard, whilst keeping a competitive price. We offer a 20 year warranty on KwikFlash, this makes KwikFlash very good value for money. 

KwikFlash Brochure
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Perform Brochure
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