Deks Launch Range of Environmentally Friendly Heavy Duty Linear Channel Drainage

Looking for extra strong, yet lightweight heavy duty channel drainage that won’t break the bank or your workers’ backs? Deks UK has the perfect solution – for all applications.

Having successfully launched domestic channel drainage earlier this year which is now selling 1000s of metres per month, we are now offering a full range of commercial heavy duty channel from B125 to F900 with galvanised steel or ductile iron grates.

Our range of commercial channel drainage is made of recycled HD-PE which has been widely used in drainage applications successfully for many years. It offers high impact resistance, reduce breakages and saving costs incurred by wastage and site delays.

Costing far less and weighing considerably less than traditional concrete based products our HD-PE channel drainage delivers better flow rates and low silt build up increasing the product’s performance and design durability.

Tongue and groove joints facilitate faster laying to line and level whilst reducing the risk of post installation steps developing. Mesh geometry in the structured wall creates a natural anchor in the concrete surround for a longer life cycle.

All products are independently tested to EN1433.

We stock a comprehensive range of depths at 100mm and up to 300mm wide is available to order.

Next day delivery is available on stocked items so try us on you next scheme, Deks quality means you won’t be disappointed.