Selkirk / Seldek Twin Wall Chimney

Deks Europe has been distributing twin wall flue since 2006 after being apointed as the official Selkirk distributor follwing the liquidation of Selkirk Manufacturing Europe in 2003. In 2012 Deks Europe introduced a new twin wall system to the UK market named Seldek. Deks Europe has extensive knowledge and experience in the twin wall chimney market. 

Selkirk Twin Wall Chimney

Selkirk is primarily used on multi fuel or wood buring appliances however is can be used on oil and gas appliances aswell.The Selkirk chimney system must be installed in accordance with all appropriate building regulations, codes of practice and manufacturers installation instructions. Selkirk Twin Wall chimney in diameters 127mm 203mm are manufactured to comply with BS4543 parts 2 and 3 and EN1856STC is also a Hetas Listed chimney system.The STC product designation is: T450 N1 D Vm L50045 G(50).

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Seldek Twin Wall Chimney

Seldek twin wall can be used with either wood burning, gas appliances or peller stoves / boilers. Seldek can be used under a negative pressure or with the application of some easy fit seal could be a positive pressure system. Sizes range from 100mm to 200mm diameter (larger diameters are available to order). Deks stock a full range of lengths and components.

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Air Seal Sleave
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