How do I fit a Dektite?

Dektites are very quick and easy to install, offer fantastic results. You can view our Dektite installation video here. 

What is the temperature rating of Dektite Flashings?

Deks use two types material in the Dektite flashings, EPDM and Silicone. The EPDM rubber will withstand temperatures of -50 degrees to 115 degree constantly or 150 degree intermittently. Red and Grey Silicone will withstand -50 degree to 200 degrees constantly or 250 degrees intermittently. 

Can Dektites only be used on Metal Roofs?

We have a comprehensive range of flashings to fit to almost any surface. Dektite premiums, Combos, Originals and retrofits will all fit onto metal, polycarbonate, glass wood or fibre cement roofs. Use the Dektite fixing kits to secure Dektites to a metal roof. For polycarbonate or Glass use the Dektite adhesive to adhere the Dektite to the roof and to fit a Dektite to a wood or fibre cement roof pre-drill holes in the Dektite and roof and secure with nuts and bolts spaced a maximum of 50mm apart. For tile and slate roofs use the Seldek Aluminium or Nu-Lead flashings. 

How do I reduce ponding when installing a Dektite?

Normally ponding occurs on metal roofs where the penetrating item blocks the path of water running down the gully of a corrugated roof. By using our Dektite Soaker you can remove part of the corrugated roof and cover it over with the large base of the Soaker, this eliminates ponding issues.

Is there a Dektite available for solar panel installations?

For both metal and tile roofs there is a Dektite flashing for your application. Go to our website www.deks.co.uk or refer to your Deks catalogue.

Can Dektites be painted different colours?

Yes EPDM Dektites can be painted after installation. Note only paint after installation using 100% Acrylic Paint.

What is the life expectancy of a Dektite flashing?

Accelerated ageing tests undertaken by independent laboratories confirm no significant degradation for at least 20 years. That's why we provide a 20-year warranty.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Dektite Silicone Flashings 

Click here to view the material safety data sheet for Dektite Silicone flashings.

Dektite EPDM Flashings

Click here to view the material safety data sheet for Dektite EPDM flashings.

Dekstrip Flashings

Click here to view the material safety data sheet for Dekstrip Flashings.

Quality Certificates


Dektite Warranty

All of our Dektites come with a 20 year warranty. Click here to download our warranty agreement.